Two Weeks of Nonstop Awesomesauce

Hi folks, if anyone was trying to reach me via internet over the past week since GDC I was on a much needed vacation and offline during JoCo Cruise. Ohhhh the irony of a boat filled with nerd icons, geek music celebrities, and no internet!!! We made it work, with analog solutions… aka paper. Now, I’m back on land…. and internet… and time to decompress and process two back to back weeks of networking, speaking, discussions, roundtables and audio awesomeness. Also over 200 emails:) I will be posting slides and materials from my two GDC talks in the near future as well.

“I had a funny dream where I helped host the GANG Audio Awards, and it was awesome”. Nope, was real. You guys were amazing. Continue reading

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Level with Emily Reese – Interview

Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the lovely Emily Reese for her #GameAudio podcast Level with Emily Reese. We talked about my current and past projects, and me putting on my ‘alto pants’ to sing the award-nominated title Song for VR game “I Expect You To Die”. Check out my interview in Episode 60 TODAY on her website or thru your streaming podcast preferences today:) Continue reading

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Telling Story Through Sound

Rehearsals underway with my co-speaker Mike Lee for our talk at the Narrative Summit next week at #GDC17, talking about Tech, Story and #GameAudio! “Telling Story Through Sound: Building an Interactive Radioplay”. Join us on Monday at 3pm PST as we talk about the dev and lessons learned while developing “The Baker Street Experience” for Amazon Echo last year!

Our Game is available to play for Free on all Alexa devices! Watch our LIVE interview about our upcoming talk with Gamasutra two weeks ago #alexadevstory

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Retronauts shoutout or… Bwak Out!

Last week Retronauts, “America’s favorite classic gaming podcast, probably“, did an episode where they reviewed their favorite albums of February. I was excited that they highlighted vocal tracks from The Materia Collective’s latest release, ZODIAC: Final Fantasy Tactics Remixed, including my Bwak Choir ensemble’s cover of “Cadets”. Read more and take a listen on The Bwak Choir’s writeup!

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G.A.N.G. Mentor Program Online

Part of the G.A.N.G. – Game Audio Network Guild Mentor Program series, join Stephan Schutze and me next monday night Live online as we discuss #gameaudio networking tips and hangouts to hit up in “Preparing for GDC: Audio Events you should not miss!” Join our discussion Tues night/Weds morning (time zone depending). Must be a member of G.A.N.G. to sign in:) See and the image at the left, or the link below for details!

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Aven Colony comes to Xbox and Playstation!

Excited to announce that Mothership Entertainment and TEAM 17‘s “Aven Colony“, a PC game I have been working on #gameaudio for through Funky Rustic, will be coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4!  “Aven Colony” Console Launch trailer on YouTube!
Want to check out the game? Download the Beta today, or check it out in person at Game Developers Conference in two weeks in South Hall at booth #2130!

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GVAC – G.A.N.G. Voice Actor Coalition

Happy to announce that I am now a member of the G.A.N.G. Voice Actor Coalition (GVAC), a branch of the Game Audio Network Guild:
“…formed to address the needs of dialog professionals in interactive entertainment and is here to develop policy, highlight important issues, create communication channels, and evangelize the unique needs and issues surrounding the professional dialog production pipeline…” more about GVAC on the G.A.N.G. website
I am looking forward to getting to know more about the current state of voice and dialogue in the interactive and game industry, where we are headed, and how I can get more involved especially in the realms of upcoming audio adventures like The Baker Street Experience for Amazon Echo (which I will be talking about at the Narrative Summit at GDC with co-presenter Mike Lee in two weeks!)

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Art of the Title features “I Expect You To Die”

Art of the Title did a writeup about a #VR game I was audio lead for, I Expect You To Die, and talking about the title sequence’s creation, the theme song we wrote, which I also had the pleasure of singing, and our recording process at Red Caiman StudiosInterviewed peeps include Tim Rosko, Connor Fallon and Chris Cleve. I was not involved in the interview directly, BUT you can see a photo of me doing a wacky singing face and am quoted a bit. 

DON’T FORGET today is the last day to vote for the Game Audio Network Guild Awards! I am very excited as the theme song for “I Expect You To Die” (written by me, Tim Rosko, and Connor Fallon and sung by my face) is a nominee for “Best Original Vocal Song” this year! We feel super honored to be listed amongst so many talented folks this year! Best luck to all nominees in all categories this year! The Nominees and Voting link here
Music Credits: Continue reading

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Gamasutra Interview on Baker Street

Did you miss our live interview on Gamasutra yesterday? They recorded our Twitch session and it is now available to view here! Was really fun, and thank you again Alex and Bryant for having Mike Lee and me on to talk about our upcoming talk at GDC about “The Baker Street Experience”, our interactive audio game for the Amazon Echo released last fall as a result of a successful ‘Jam Week’ team project while I was working at Schell Games.
#gameaudio #alexadevstory
information about our upcoming talk at GDC
more about Baker Street Experience and its dev team
Credits – Cast and Crew of Baker Street
Download our game for your Alexa device on Amazon!
Baker Street Experience published by Schell Games
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Legendary’s “Annihilator” for Google Cardboard

And another project I worked on has shipped! I had at the pleasure of working on a super creepy #VR project, adapting Legendary’s comic series “Annihilator” for the Google Cardboard under art direction and experience designer Ben Greene and project director Tim Sweeney. Talk about a super fun audio experience, made everything from creepy breath music (yep, that’s my voice in there), to interactive cafe crowds, haunted footsteps, and a portal to a hell dimension (extra points to Tim Rosko for helping me on that one:) Also kudos to Tom Quitoni for his role as Ray Space. If you don’t have a Google Cardboard, you can also download for PC and MAC! (though I recommend the vr experience for full creep factor) iOS build for Cardboard coming soon, but you can play the Android one today! These are FREE to play, enjoy:)
Google Cardboard download
PC and Mac download

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