MAGfest 2017 Appearances

The MAGFest schedule is LIVE so here are the details for the #gameaudio panels and events I will be participating in next week:

  • THURSDAY at 4pm: “Adventures in VR Game Music : Prototyping tools and techniques” with fellow panelists Alec Galambos, Tim Rosko and Jameson Sutton
  • FRIDAY at 6pm: helping judge the “GANG Remix competition” with fellow judges and organizers Austin Wintory, Spencer Bambrick, Alexander Brandon, Tom Salta, and Laura Intravia
  • FRIDAY at 9:30pm: make a song with Jesse Buddington, Ashley Lynn Watts and me as we run “LETS COMPOSE TOGETHER”
    Click to view full MAGfest Schedule on Guidebook
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Hiveswap on Steam Greenlight

The “Homestuck Adventure Game” I did lots of sound design for via What Pumpkin Studios, titled “Hiveswap”, at long last is on Steam Greenlight. Check it out today!
Our sound team included Nathaniel Chambers and Alyssa Menes under Jess Haskins. #gameaudio

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G.A.N.G. MAGfest Remix Competition

Two days left to enter the Game Audio Network Guild-Northeast Music Remix Competition at MAGFest 2017. Let your passion for video game music be heard! I am excited to be on the judge panel with fellow game audio experts Austin Wintory, Laura Intravia, Tom Salta, and Alexander Brandon! Full Details at this link – Entries due Dec 23rd. #GameAudio

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Aven Colony

Excited to announce that I have been working in collaboration with Funky Rustic on sound effects for the sci-fi city-building game “Aven Colony“! Check out the Beta today! Many thanks to my colleague Alexander Brandon for the opportunity to work on this very nifty and spacey game:)


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SONG CYCLE: Cohen’s Masterpiece

Craving some insane piano and tenor music this morning? Take a listen to the vocal arrangement of “Cohen’s Masterpiece” (from the video game Bioshock) we did for Materia Collective’s “SONG CYCL: The History of Video Games” album. I had the pleasure of writing melody and lyrics for three tracks on SONG CYCLE. Visit the SONG CYCLE Materia Collective page to buy individual tracks and/or the full album PLUS we have karaoke versions of our songs too so you can sing along!

“Cohen’s Masterpiece” (from Bioshock) – on Soundcloud
vocals –  John Robert Matz
piano arrangement and performance – Joel Everett
lyrics and melody – Bonnie Bogovich
based on original music – Garry Schyman

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VR panel at MAGfest!

Excited that “Adventures in VR Game Music: Prototyping tools and techniques” got accepted to MAGFest. I will be a panelist with fellow virtual reality audio pros Tim Rosko, Alec Galambos, and Jameson Sutton. Details coming soon! #gameaudio #vr #audiovr

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“Peg + Cat” web games!

During my time at Schell Games, Daniel Tigers Neighborhood wasn’t the only PBS Kids show we developed games for.  Fans of the math program “Peg + Cat” will be happy to know two new games we created, “Mega Mall” and “Hair Salon” are now available on I had lots of fun working on dialogue and sound effects for these two, and highly recommend checking out the show as well! A smart girl on Ukulele and a talking cat? What’s not to love. 🙂

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I Expect You To Die – launching tomorrow!

“I Expect You To Die”, the VR Oculus Rift spy game I was #gameaudio lead for while at Schell Games, launches tomorrow, the same day as the new Oculus Touch controller! We’ve been getting lots of press lately, two special mentions today;
Wired  Magazine“I Expect You To Die is the most fun I’ve ever had in VR”
Engadget“Oculus Touch controllers are well worth the wait!”
Upload VR – ‘I Expect You To Die’ Review: A View To A Thrill

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Composer Facts for Alexa

I designed a little fact app/skill for Amazon Echo and Alexa devices, “Composer Facts” full of Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner factoids. To find on your device, look in the Skills for “Composer Facts”, say “Alexa, Enable Composer Facts” or use this direct link!
Ps: Know any fun facts I may have missed about these three composers that would be great to add? Let me know and I’ll try to get them in the next update:)

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Happy Atoms released!

Happy Atoms, the fun science iPad app and physical atom toy that I worked on at Schell Games, is now available for purchase at Toys”R”Us!
“The physical and digital teaching tool that lets you discover the world of molecules in an intuitive, hands-on way.”
Greg Velichansky and I used Audiokinetic Wwise for #gameaudio creation and mixing. Was a fun game to try it on:)

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