Magic Flute and more at 2nd Annual Puppet Slam

Time for some Pittsburgh Puppetry! I will be onsite at the 2nd Annual “Pierogie Power Puppet Slam” hosted by the

Carnegie Museum of Art and the Pittsburgh Puppetry Guild. Catch me tonight, performing as “Dee Dee the Skunk” in Darlene Thompson’s skit “Cat Club” and also showing off my creatures from Undercroft Opera’s “The Magic Flute” (giant snake, Papageno Birds, and more!) Continue reading

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PAX Dev – Voice, the New Gaming Frontier

I will be speaking at PAX DEV (Penny Arcade Expo Developers pre-Conference) on Tuesday, August 29th at 1:15pm: 
Voice: The New Gaming Frontier:
Description: The growth of digital voice assistants has introduced a new opportunity for game developers and game companies to bring their content to customers through voice experiences. But what makes a great voice game? What are the considerations that are unique to voice? This panel will bring together developers who are pioneers in this nascent space to share their experiences building for voice, exchange best practices, explain their challenges and discuss what they see as voice’s Killer App for games.
Panelists: Ian Vogel, David Grossman, Bonnie Bogovich, Andrew Huntwork, Paul Cutsinger, Peter Zetterberg

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Materia, Bwak, and FFX

Bwak, we did it again:) My latest Materia Collective choral arrangement performed by The Bwak Choir will be featured on “SPIRA: Music From Final Fantasy X”, coming August 18th! “…Across 100 tracks, you’ll hear music in the styles of “orchestral, electronic, and rock along with Bollywood, disco, gypsy punk, folk and irreverent chocobo choir.”… irreverent, eh? That’s enough to make one’s feathers ruffle and shine:)
Check out this great article about the album on The Nerdist

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Giant Spiders for Little Big Animation

One of my favorite voice acting bits in the LittleBigAnimation series, this time I play a giant spider demon:) Also featuring the voice of Sean Lenhart.

[ABRIDGED] Fine Dining |
Lords of the Fallen: Episode 4:

#ps4 #youtube #gameaudio #vo 🕷🕸

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Austin Game Conference – Audio in VR

Excited to announce that I will be speaking at Austin Game Conference 2017 on the panel “Audio for VR” with colleagues and associates, and just-plain-awesome-folks Alexander Brandon, Jameson Sutton, and Daniel Perry. Fun fact, I have been on a panel, in the past, with each one of these fabulous men, just never at the same time. So its like a panelist reunion for me! 
“Audio plays an important role in immersive experiences, and virtual reality is an amazing way to experience music and sound all around us. Our brain uses audio cues to understand spatial information, especially about what’s not currently in our line-of-site. Hear from a panel of amazing developers as they dive into the practice of immersive audio design!” #gameaudio #vr #ar #vraudio #audiovr #austin

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Little Big Animation – “Fables” Remake

Excited to reveal the trailer for one of my latest voice acting adventures with colleague Sean Lenhart!

“Today we are delighted to announce a huge new project from LittleBigAnimation. FABLES REMAKE is a collection of episodes based on the popular comic book Fables. Unlike the Telltale adaptation ‘The Wolf Among Us’, FABLES REMAKE follows the comics directly to bring them to life from the page to the screen with full 3D animation.”
FABLES REMAKE | Announcement Trailer
#Fables #Animation #Series #TeamEmmmmsie #gameaudio @YTRetweets @HyperRTs

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REEL Puppetry Festival 2017

Exciting news!!!! My puppet flock of video-game-cover performing chickens, The Bwak Choir’s music video “Waltz De Chocobo”, we created for the first Materia Collective album, MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII Remixed, made it into the Reel Puppetry Film Festival at the National Puppetry Festival – Puppeteers of America!

Many thanks to all who were part of the singing, the clucking, the snoring, the puppeteering, directing, editing, and filmography! Continue reading

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Aven Colony Launches July 25th

“Aven Colony”, the space colony building game I did sound designs(and a vo cameo!) for, Funky Rustic, officially launches for Steam, Xbox One and Playstation 4 on July 25th! Check out the New “Aven Colony” trailer and our mention in The Guardian’s “Summer 2017’s best video games!”

#gameaudio with Alexander Brandon of Funky Rustic, Randall Ryan of HamsterBall Studios and Elizabeth Zharoff

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The Future of Voice – ARC

Jon Myers from Earplay mentioned in ARC Applause in “The Future Of Voice Will Be Contextual Conversations And Interactive Experiences” how game design for devices like the Amazon Echo are the future: “…the Earplay skill provides people with interactive story-telling content—a sort of choose-your-own-adventure that echoes the halcyon days of radio dramas. The difference is that the skill allows people to play an active role in a dynamic storyline … just by using your voice.” Earplay created the interactive audio game for Eddy Webb’s “Pugmire”, in which I voiced the chatacter of “One-eyed Molly”, cat spy;) #gameaudio

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Spy DNA – Zoe Momarova

I have been cast as the voice of Russian genetically enhanced spy “Zoe Komarova” aka “Skeeter” in the upcoming game “Spy DNA” by Shy Snake Games! Always a treat to play a human for a change, this will be a fun role to add to my voice acting portfolio. Free downloadable demo of “Spy DNA” available now on their website, and Early Access game coming soon! #vo #gameaudio

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