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* Games with awards/nominations (list of awards etc at bottom of page)

Game and Interactive Media Clients:
Funky Rustic                         Schell Games           What Pumpkin, NYC
Materia Collective                Earplay                      Safari Riot
Hidden Achievement           Lingrove                   Arc Virtuel
Jet bolt Games                      CMU Cylab               Telecommunity

Listed below are games and projects that have been published and/or are in production and I am allowed to talk about (hooray, NDA’s!)

Funky Rustic

Schell Games LLC

Lead Audio from 2011- 2016 for a variety of interactive toys, video games, amusement park exhibits, virtual reality experiences and educational media. Responsibilities include sound design, music composition and arranging, vocal recording/coaching, foley artist, audio asset implementation, and voice artist (creature and human). Projects include:

What Pumpkin Studios

The Materia Collective

Community of performers and cover artists arranging soundtracks under the leadership of Loudr’s Sebastian Wolff. So far I have been an arranger and performer on four of our five album releases to date:

Future Network Solutions

Global Game Jam: Pittsburgh

CMU Cylab



* Video Game Awards and Nominations

  • Game Audio Network Guild Awards – NOMINEE “Best Original Song” w “I Expect You To Die” – 2016
  • Vision Summit – Vision Inspire Award “I Expect You To Die” (2016)
  • Unity Awards – Nominee Best VR Experience “I Expect You To Die” (2015)
  • Proto Awards – Best Interactive Design “I Expect You To Die” (2015)
  • Proto Awards – Best Gameplay “I Expect You To Die” (2015)
  • Proto Awards – Best Overall VR Experience “I Expect You To Die” (2015)
  • International Serious Play Awards – gold medal “World of Lexica” (2015)
  • International Serious Play Awards – gold medal “Water Bears” (2015)
  • CREATE Award winner- Entertainment, Film & Digital Media – “World of Lexica” – (2015)
  • Children’s Technology Review – Editor’s Choice, Excellence in Design – “Water Bears” (2015)
  • International Serious Play Awards – gold medal “Inklings” (2014)
  • DATA Award Winner – “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood/Tea Party” (2014)
  • International Serious Play Awards – gold medal “Play Forward: Elm City Stories” (2013)
  • Best Open Web Game sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation – “Guinea Pig, Guinea Pig” (2013)
  • International Serious Play Awards – silver medal “Tunnel Tail” (2013)
  • Science Media Awards/Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival (JHWFF) – Finalist – “Race for the Beach” (2012)
  • Global Game Jam Pgh – Audience Choice Award 2nd Place – “Creator” (2012)

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