Speaker at East Coast Game Conference

Honored to be a speaker at the 2017 East Coast Game Conference. I will be doing two talks as part of the #GameAudio track, revisiting the Amazon Echo and Audio Advocacy topics I presented recently at #GDC17!  Join us April 18th-20th in Raleigh, NC!

Both of my talks are in the Audio Track:
“Party of One: Department of One”
Weds, April 19th – 3:15pm
“Telling Story Through Sound: Building an Interactive Radioplay”
Thurs, April 20th – 11:30am

PS: Pleased to see familiar faces and colleagues representing as well on the roster! Jared Mason, Alyssa Menes, Eddy Webb, Heidi McDonald, Li Xiao’an

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2 Responses to Speaker at East Coast Game Conference

  1. Jake Dodd says:

    I was at ECGC and I’ll say I enjoyed your talks the most. I’m an Indie developer and as part of my duties on a small team, I cover audio design.
    I especially found your talk about the Alexa and audio primarily as the sole narrative in a game inspiring.
    Thank you for being at the conference and I will be looking out for your name at any further conferences.

  2. blackcatbonifide says:

    Thank you for your kind response, Jake! I’m glad you found my talks helpful and inspiring! 🙂 What kind of projects are you working on as the sole audio person at your company, would love to see your work!

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