I Expect You To Die – launching tomorrow!

“I Expect You To Die”, the VR Oculus Rift spy game I was #gameaudio lead for while at Schell Games, launches tomorrow, the same day as the new Oculus Touch controller! We’ve been getting lots of press lately, two special mentions today;
Wired  Magazine“I Expect You To Die is the most fun I’ve ever had in VR”
Engadget“Oculus Touch controllers are well worth the wait!”

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Composer Facts for Alexa

I designed a little fact app/skill for Amazon Echo and Alexa devices, “Composer Facts” full of Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner factoids. To find on your device, look in the Skills for “Composer Facts”, say “Alexa, Enable Composer Facts” or use this direct link!
Ps: Know any fun facts I may have missed about these three composers that would be great to add? Let me know and I’ll try to get them in the next update:)

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Happy Atoms released!

Happy Atoms, the fun science iPad app and physical atom toy that I worked on at Schell Games, is now available for purchase at Toys”R”Us!
“The physical and digital teaching tool that lets you discover the world of molecules in an intuitive, hands-on way.”
Greg Velichansky and I used Audiokinetic Wwise for #gameaudio creation and mixing. Was a fun game to try it on:)

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“Frostbound” for Google Daydream

One of the most beautiful games I worked on while at Schell Games this year was “Frostbound” for the Google Daydream VR Headset. This trailer features the intro theme music written by our intern Brandon Guillot, with me and Tim Rosko singing in the ‘choir’ (was a fun audio department collaboration) and I had the pleasure of doing the sound design and music for the gameplay. I hope you enjoy this fantastical adventure, perfect for the wintery months ahead!
Watch the Frostbound Trailer on Youtube
#gameaudio #vr #vraudio #audiovr #daydream #choir #frostbound

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Domino World for Tango

Happy to announce that “Domino World” (an Augmented Reality app we made during my time at Schell Games for Tango) is now available for purchase through the Google Play store!
Sound Design and Music by former intern Brandon Guillot and me.

Check out the article on the Google Dev Blog for behind the scenes and a team photo!

Have a super fun time putting Dominos on… everything.. yes, including your furniture, and your cat, and watching them fall! #gameaudio #audiovr #vraudio #tango

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“Song Cycle” released by Materia Collective

As a vocalist, I have personally battled over what piano+voice arrangements to perform in a recital… now you can enjoy some of your favorite video game themes, with lyrics, in a classically arranged collection with SONG CYCLE by Materia Collective! I had the pleasure of collaborating and writing lyrics for three of the arrangements featured, “Home” from Fez, “What a Deal on this Plot!” from Plants Vs Zombies, and “Cohens Masterpiece” from Bioshock. You can enjoy these three arrangements, featuring the talents of John Robert Matz, Laura Intravia, Doug Perry, Ben Wallace, Joel Everett, Sebastian Wolff and Elizabeth Zharoff today with our downloadable album. Karaoke versions of the tracks (so you can sing along) AND sheet music is also available! Please visit our info page at https://www.materiacollective.com/music/song-cycle-the-history-of-video-games

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“I Expect You To Die” release on Dec 6th!

I’m super excited that the full release of the spy virtual reality game we have been working on at Schell Games, “I Expect You To Die” will finally be available on December 6th, the same day the Oculus Touch controllers go live!  Also our game is going live on my birthday, and for anyone who likes dark Christmas lore, Krampus.
#gameaudio #audiovr #vraudio #oculus

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Double Panels at GameSoundCon

Looking forward to being on TWO panels at GameSoundCon today (tues) in Los Angeles, joining in on discussions of VO (Voiceover) to VR (Virtual Reality):

  • “I’ve been working in VR Audio all year and all I’ve got to show for it is Headset Hair”
  • “Video Game VO: Evolving Techniques and Practices”

Schell Games  Baker Street Experience, Daniel Tiger, I Expect You To Die and Water Bears VR Team Audio represent;) #gameaudio #vr #audiovr #vr audio http://www.gamesoundcon.com/

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FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute

I am very happy to have been a part of our latest Materia Collective album, “FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute” available now on Loudr, iTunes, Bandcamp and Spotify! I had the joy of not only arranging two tracks, but participating in seven other fabulous peices, totalling in my new record, nine tracks on a Materia collection:)

I hope you enjoy my two creations, “Inner Monologue of a Bird Waiting on the Edge“, my broadway-style interpretation of a sad fowl, and “Death by Glamour” which follows the final battle with Mettaton complete with lights, cameras, and bombs and Jesse Buddington doing a fabulous job as the lead character. Nathaniel Chambers continued to be a patient and funloving partner in mixing magic on both of my tracks. Continue reading

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Baker Street Experience

Happy to announce that we have published our first audio interactive experience for the Amazon Echo! It is a choose-your-own-adventure based in the Sherlock Holmes universe. To try it out for FREE, look for the skill “Baker Street Experience”. This was the brainchild of a Jam Week project I helped produce last year and we tweaked and implemented again during this year’s Jam Week getting it on the Echo Device. Was a smooth transition and I look forward to creating more audio games for the Echo!

UPDATE 9/14/16 – Our dev blog writeup about the making of Baker Street is now live on the SG Dev Site, as well as our company product page🙂
#gameaudio #gamesfortheblind #alexaskills #alexadevstory

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